Sunday 9 January 2011

Vegetarian Mains Week 1

The first attempt at four vegetarian mains a week.

Chickpea Curry

Green Mac'n'Cheese

Amazingly great vegetarian pizzas.


Vegetarian Pizzas - baby spinach, peppadews, capsicum, red onion, tomato puree and feta.

Sweet Sour Stir Fry and Rice

The other mains were:

Taco Mince and Beans in Wraps with salad
Stir Fry with chicken strips and rice
Beef and Mushroom Burgers with salads (mince mixed with finely chopped mushrooms and steel cut oats)

So far, so good... The best thing is that we aren't missing the meat


  1. Wow, you're doing well! The pizzas look great!

    Have you done pies yet? Just fold puff pastry over whatever filling you want and bake it - would work great with vegetarian fillings.

  2. The pizza was seriously good. It was a huge winner for all of us. So much so that it's on the menu for next week :)

    I haven't made a pie yet. I think I'm going to try out a mushroom stroganoff and as Monkey doesn't eat mushrooms, we can use the leftovers in pies.

    I love pies!


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