Sunday 9 January 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 3 - Flowers

D Sharon Pruitt

in a field of dragons snapping,
dandelions silent, napping
wind through grass is slowly lapping
as a sea on foreign shore

drops of snow are gently floating,
tulips, red, bright and doting
everlasting flowers noting
forget-me-nots upon the floor

Crimson clematis is hoping
downcast fox glove, through is moping
spies the freesias simply coping
midst the fuchsia's purple claw

yellow bees are buzzing, fretting,
colours like a sun that's setting
fields full of flowers trusting
summer lasts forever more


sweet perfume envelopes me
as i breathe deeply
petals caressing my cheek
soft, like rain, a tear
bejewels the pale peony



  1. Wowzers 'Stud1' is quite the poet! And Latte Junkie I love your poem too. Thanks for linking up. Charlotte & Sophie were so cute with their poems and they both took the photos to accompany them. Sophie can't write yet (starts school in Feb) but dictated her words to me - cracked up when she said 'hand sanitizer' at the end!

  2. He is a poet but he'll deny it to the end!

    We LOL'd at the hand sanitizer bit it was so cute and very 5. As a once-upon-a-time teacher - it is brilliant that you are including them in the process of creating poetry!

    We really are enjoying the process and it's made for a few interesting conversations over the laptops :)


  3. did Stud 1 walk as he wrote his poem?
    I would have had to get what he wrote

    liked your poem too LatteJunkie
    what age(s) did you use to teach?

  4. Hi Jen,

    He didn't walk but it was on his mind for a few days before he wrote it.

    I used to teach 5 to 8 year olds at first but then moved on to Special Ed kids from 5 to 12 years but with intellectual ages of 9 months to about 5 years.

    Thanks for dropping by,


  5. I've changed my poem! I should have started earlier in the week - always come back to writing and find it needs a complete rehash!!!

    Packing up to head to Nelson for 10 day's on Tuesday.

    Thinking the theme for this week might be 'Bags'!!!

  6. Oh, Bags! That would be fun!

    Have a great time in Nelson!


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