Thursday 3 January 2019

Just because

Just because

Just because I've called you at midnight, to hear your voice run its fingers down my spine,

Just because I've pulled you closer in my sleep, hand on your heart to feel its beat echo mine

Just because I've watched you as your back arches to bring you closer to my centre

Just because I've tasted you as your body shudders in time with the flicking of my tongue

Just because I've breathed you in as you've sighed my name as my body calls to yours

Just because I've woken to you trailing fire on my skin and the navy blue of your eyes watching for the goosebumps

Just because I've knelt at your feet and begged for your hand in my hair and affirmation

Just because I've drowned in the sounds of your pleasure and gasped my way to the surface

Doesn't mean I need you.


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