Wednesday, 26 November 2014

In Memory of Asphalt

Especially in the heat of the rocks and the breaking of the waves.
And in the sway of the ships at dock, and the sound of wheels on asphalt.
In the smell of coffee and cut grass, you are there.
Your voice echoes in the empty moments of my day
Those moments when I forget to forget you
Especially in the taste of sweat and salt
In the heat of the rocks and the sound of wheels on asphalt
You're more than a memory.

in the bones

You said I speak with my hands
syllabic metacarpals
phonetic phalanges
are still
mute in movement
muzzled without your insight
into what I've left unsaid
in word and gesture.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Muscle Memory

Muscle memory

Push me down and gratefully
Weigh me down with words
Touch my soul with your eyes
Bury yourself in my body
Trace your name under my skin
Whisper mine to my bones
Break my heart as I broke yours
As once again, I commit you to memory.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


the cursor blinks
waiting for the words to fill the void
the white screen waits for characters in a myriad of colours 
fingers are poised to start
and fall onto the keys
typing word after word
a love song
a tirade
a rant
only to be
or selected and deleted
because they don't fit
they don't fill the void the way they should
they can't fill the hole
so the cursor blinks
the screen fades and the words are never said
never shared because if they're too hard to type
maybe, possibly, they're too hard to read or hear

You were right

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


We've had this conversation before
I'm sure I've heard these words
I've seen your face, your smile fade
Your lip curl into that look of distaste
I've felt my stomach drop and the bile rise
As your anger falls on me.

We've had this conversation before.
I'm sure I've heard these words
I've seen your face, your smile grow
As your lip curls and your dimple shows
I've felt my stomach drop and the butterflies rise
As your love embraces me

We've had these conversations before.
I'm sure I've heard these words in my head.

Monday, 10 November 2014

It caught - a poem.

It caught in the sudden gust of wind and drifted out of sight,
She followed it with her heart as she listened to his words
As they stood, not touching, close to the corner of Bond and
the one she could never name
She followed it with her heart
as her eyes were too busy drinking in his face
in sidelong sips and hesitant gulps
His words marked time for her as she waited for the signal to change
For she had wished on the drifting dandelion as it had floated down the street
For it was only hope that might make the signal change, and the crossing would be easier.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Just Five Minutes

Could I have another five minutes?
Just five minutes.
I might be able then, to say the words I whispered in my head
Because I thought they'd push you away.

In those five minutes,
I could touch your face and lean my cheek on yours.
I could breathe you in as you laugh with your eyes
I could embrace you and who you are to me

Just five minutes more
To memorise your voice and the rise and fall of your chest
To hold your hand in the palm of mine so that I'd never forget how it felt to be with you
Just five minutes before I have to say good bye.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Just stop looking at it!
Don't scratch it!
It'll go away when you stop fixating on it!
It won't hurt anymore if you can try to ignore it for more than a day!
Just stop!
Leave it be...

But once more won't hurt...
I'll let it be
I'll stop
I won't hurt anymore
It won't go away
Pain is a relief
I have to look at it
Or it will fade and it'll be a scar I don't remember getting...

Friday, 24 October 2014

Riding in cars with boys

Moving with the road, 
Hugging the cliffs and sea
Music pounding and strobing
Streetlights and headlights
Bass beats and tenor voices

A strange calm amidst the noise
She counted stars and reflections
Head tilted up to the sky as 
He drove to the night's end
As they laughed and swore that it would never be less than it was

In that moment of feeling infinitely powerful and small
Stood at the edge of the water
And at the top of the slide into the dark unknown
They filled the questions with happy noise

Hiding the answers in bravado as they drove
To the night's end. But not to dawn
For they hoped it would never break
That tonight would be enough