Thursday 3 January 2019

Crumbling differences

Crumbling differences

Just because you've never felt my skin under yours doesn't mean you won't find your way around the map that is me.

Just because you've held my wrists in one hand and throat in the other doesn't mean my submission is to you not my demons.

Just because your fingers have been in me doesn't mean you know me inside and out.

Just because you've filled my mouth, with whispered words and more, doesn't mean they are more me than me.

Just because you've held my head, as you've gasped, fingers tangled, doesn't mean you caught me.

Just because you've counted the times I've broken, breath caught, released, doesn't mean you know how much I am worth.

Just because you've tasted us on my tongue doesn't mean we're the flavour of the month, we're still just you. And me.

Just because you've praised divinity more times tonight than you've said my name, doesn't mean you're closer to God than me.

Just because I've called you at midnight, to hear your voice run its fingers down my spine,

Just because you've said the right words, doesn't mean I've heard you say differently in my head, as I've rehearsed what I could say in return.

Just because we've danced on the edges of the crumbling difference between wrong and right, doesn't mean we're falling together.

Work in Progress, December 2018.

Updated, January 2019

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