Monday 3 January 2011

Green Mac 'N' Cheese

Not entirely sure that this is a recipe... It's more an opneek - which is a great Afrikaans word for a meal that is thrown together with a bit of luck.

Basically this is what I did:

Green Mac 'N' Cheese
Macaroni/short noodles
Onion and garlic (to taste)
Cheese Sauce
  1. Boiled the pasta to al dente
  2. Sauté diced onions and garlic (set aside)
  3. Make your cheese sauce or buy a bottle from the store (I don't judge)
  4. Stir in the onions and garlic. 
  5. Add finely chopped broccoli (I used my food processor to get it really fine)
  6. Mix it all together and bake for 20 min at 180C.
Why I am not a food blogger
It looked a little green but Monkey wolfed it down. It needed a bit of oomph though and I think I'll add some chilli powder to it next time I make it.

I am proud to say that my first attempt at vegetarian mains was a success. Now I need to find some recipes that don't rely on cheese and milk.

Maybe I'll make this one next time - it looks much nicer.


  1. It looks odd, but sounds delicious!

  2. It looked a bit like baby food to be fair but as it was a hit with Monkey - it's on the menu now :) It tasted like broccoli cheese and mac'n'cheese combined... so definitely comfort food!

  3. I love it - opneek - just a little bit of everything thrown together. I love days like that as well as meals like that. If youw ant to bump it up a bit try Creole seasoning! It adds a little zing that I adore!

    My guys won't eat any cooked vegetable - except green beans! Sigh! I miss dishes like you cook! Can I come for dinner? LOL

  4. oh yum... creole seasoning would do it! Thanks so much for the great idea and popping by my blog :D

    My little man won't eat green beans but eats all the others lol!

  5. My kind of food ! I giggled at the " Why I am not a food blogger." caption. I should take a picture of my art closet and show you why I am not an organization blogger ;)

    Thanks for linking!

  6. Thanks for hosting an awesome Linkup Allie. I love going through the links.


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