Sunday 9 January 2011

30 Days of Truth - Day 30

Day 30 → A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

It's the last day of my first meme. I loved doing them. It was not only a great prod to actually write something on my blog, but it was quite cathartic albeit rather narcissistic.

For the last time here is my Day of Truth:

anna cervova

Dear LatteJunkie

Firstly well done on getting all the way to Day 30 and for keeping your promise to write at least one post a day.

Right let's get to it then. What I love about you LatteJunkie... I'll go third person as it is slightly less weird and you know we are more likely to compliment a stranger.

I love that you believed in true love, and that you married Stud1. I am so proud of you... who would have thunk it? That twenty years after meeting him you would be sitting here watching him watch a YouTube video? That he would still make you blush like the school girl you were? Hot damn! Well done girl. (FYI - we have to work on your hip ghetto lingo)

I love that you are a great mother to Monkey. I love that you work your ass off to give him a great childhood and to raise him the right way. I love that you got through the Twilight Zone without too many lasting issues. You are well on the way to becoming an awesome mum!

I love your empathy, your caring nature, the fact that you can't watch anything where a kid gets hurt without crying. Your patience and your willingness to talk to anybody is inspiring. You are a good example to Monkey for being tolerant of all people regardless of age, ability and race.

I love that you are dedicating this year to becoming the best mum, wife, friend, sister and daughter you can. Even more than that I love that you want to become as authentic as you can. You are, I know, scared shitless about this transformation but I want you to know that you can do it. You need to do it and it will be "legendary". Anyone who isn't happy with your growth and change is not worth the effort.

I am very proud of how far you have come in the last 32 years. Don't moan - you'll be 32 in a week! Suck it in and live it up!

Before I go and you become slightly saner - a piece of advice:

Don't be afraid and please remember to buy more coffee!

Love you always,


  1. How cool is this and how cool are you! I love the letter, it's inspiring. The journey to be authentically "you" is one we share. I'll be sure to subscribe so I can watch your development.

  2. I love your letter - a great end to a great meme :)


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