Wednesday 8 May 2013

#30DaysChallenge - Day 9 -- TIL...

Today I was learning how to write policies and in between all the mundane pedantic stuff, there were some interesting discussions.

I learnt about drugs. And things that are used as drugs that aren't actually drugs. I learnt about how to tell if someone has been on Vicks 44 or whether they're just drunk. I was shown how to huff bodyspray.

I learnt about sexual ethics, about the need to ascertain cultural preferences regarding discussing sex and eating in the same room, about course I want to attend and learn how to run.

I learnt about how to exclude undesirable behaviours in a positive way without ruffling feathers.

I learnt how to judge a criminal past and how to determine where that person can fulfil a role in a volunteer position.

But mostly I learnt that I have a LOT more learning to do.

These are the courses I want to attend or learn how to run...

Sexual Ethics the Sex & Ethics education programme focuses on promoting ethical non-violence skills that assist young people to negotiate sexual intimacy positively.

Who Are You - Rape Prevention and Sexual Ethics Programme

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