Thursday 9 May 2013

#30DaysChallenge - Day 10 #Prose4T -- Burning Leaves

This started as a thought I had a few months back... a line I had running through my mind. I wrote it down and Bree at Think Banned Thoughts made it into a poster for me.

This afternoon while I was waiting to have a catch up with Griffball, I attempted to finish the poem.

Burning Leaves.

falling to the earth, scorched and twisted
they crumble blackened and sullied
words – feared, loved, hated
caught in the flames, fall; censored
to the ground, thick with the ashes of ideals
of men and women who chose to reveal
their innermost thoughts in paper and ink
never knowing they would cause the world to shrink

but now as books burn as autumn leaves,
nevermore holding the answers of the ages,
nor are journeys past found in the pages
the Winter of our ignorance arrives.

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  1. This one really makes me think! It's wonderful to read - but also so full of depth - bringing me back again and again to fully take in the words. I love that about your poetry x

  2. Wonderful. Brilliant topic, and so well written. I like the winter of our ignorance. :-) Judith

  3. Like Judith I love 'the winter of ignorance'. Very deep xx

  4. I love this poem. It really makes you think. I can't write poetry like this but maybe I should give it a try! Wonderful to read poems like this a few times and come across new meanings each time. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx


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