Tuesday 7 May 2013

#30DaysChallenge - Day 8 -- Today I... posted a cop out post...

Today I have had a good day. Made better by having two lovely ladies bring home baking in to the Community Centre. Afghans are good with hot coffee especially now that it's getting cold in the morning.

I've not had much chance to think about what to write about today so here's a run down of what I've done.

  • Dropped Monkey at school.
  • Had a two hour meeting at the House to discuss procedures, volunteers and planned events
  • Had a coffee, afghan with colleagues while they had a smoko. 
  • Met with some residents
  • Met with a lady who wants to use one of the rooms for yoga classes
  • Emailed providers and chased up some ideas and plans
  • Signed a contract for the sale of my home
  • Had more coffee
  • Fielded calls regarding donations of goods to the House and gratefully accepted them
  • Got shouted lunch by lovely volunteers
  • Picked Monkey up from school
  • Got some groceries
  • Fielded more emails from work
  • Designed an invoice for future use
  • Prepped dinner
  • Signed an acceptance of the offer on my home...
  • Wrote this blog
I still have to polish my CV, send off some other emails, make dinner for two very special people, get Monkey to bed and catch up with a friend on skype.

If I keep busy enough I won't have to think too hard about packing up the rest of the house for the move that will hopefully eventuate. 

Can't go into too much detail about the Community House on here but if you want more info - email me :P

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