Monday 6 May 2013

Sea Lions and Cakes

Tonight I was struggling to decide on something to write about. I asked Michael for advice as it's his great idea to write something daily this month...

He suggested I write about cakes and sealions. I'm assuming it wasn't supposed to be a serious look at the effects of eating too many cakes and the coming of the summer sun leading to the need to not look like a sea lion. God knows that I lean more to the dugong side of swimwear models,

I think it was more of an encouragement to look beyond what is in my head and see the rest of the world for what it is. An ever-evolving cake sale of goodies and treats and a circus act that will see you balancing cakes on your nose if it means you can have it all and eat it too.

Milo Sea Lion Birthday
Milo eats his cake

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  1. I couldn't have put it better myself. And yet you still manage to turn something as completely absurd as sea lions and cakes into something that is both meaningful and life affirming. I guess I should stop trying to change you. ;)


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