Sunday 3 June 2012

Lyrical Sunday: Blue

I wonder, as I sit here, and you sit, there,
If you have ever wished it were different?
If you ever dreamt of being you,
The you, you could have been
Had your blood been red not blue?

Would the last sixty years have been easier
Or would they have been as hard, as fun
As sad, as long, or just - different?
I wonder if you wish for a night down the pub,
Or a day off, just wandering down the high street,
To get a cuppa and maybe a new hat.

I wonder all this, and I wonder
What you are wondering as you look back.

And I wonder at what I will be thinking on my jubilee.


She loves blue :D


  1. Bravo!!! I was thinking of the blue colour on the Union Jack and am still trying to come up with something! I love your clever poem! Perfect!

  2. Brilliant, C. Very clever poem indeed.

    Hope you are having an awesome long weekend.

  3. My poem x

  4. Adorable and very witty, friend!


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