Thursday 7 June 2012

You, in the chaos feigning sane...

Sometimes, there is a moment in time, when as you are listening to the hum of life and the echoes of the past that you hear a familiar voice. A voice that reminds you of times past and tears shed. A voice that reminds you of how you used to rock out at night clubs, how you wished you could be more vocal. A voice who spoke solely to you over the airwaves. The voice that challenged your perceptions and your beliefs of self, of society, of your place in the world.

As you take the time to listen, to really hear her, it becomes clear that, once again, she is talking to you. She is reminding you of who you are now, how far you have both come. And it's a reminder that after all you have been through and seen and done, you are still the strongest person you know and your role is newly defined, once again by her words.

And it reminds you why you write, why you hope to one day be able to reach people in a similar way. That just one person will feel the same way about you.

A clip explaining the inspiration behind the new single and I must say I feel even closer to her.


  1. I have heard her voice a lot recently. She is telling me to be strong and believe in myself. I know she is right and I need to follow her advice.

    1. You do, you are talented both as a writer/singer and teacher as well as being a fitness guru! Trust the voice :D

  2. I adore adore adore her and this song... and lately her slightly older one "Not As We" has been very relevant in lives around me and also mine. Gorgeous :)


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