Thursday 20 January 2011

A request to any lurkers...

Monkey's trying to work out who you are!
It would make my day if you could comment, just this once and let me know where you are from, how you found my blog and if you like it. Please be gentle if you don't like it :D.


Please have a virtual latte from me :)


  1. I'll be brave and post hehe

    I found your blog whilst browsing KMB, i am a fellow caffine addict and your blog name drew me in like a double esspresso and biscotti!

    My name is Ali and i blog "Petite Sabine", were down in sunny Nelson and as my DH is away a lot so i live vicariously through other mummy blogs so i don't feel like i'm on my own!

    Your blog is lovely, a nice eclectic mix of life, cooking and "monkey" business :D

  2. Its meeeee... Tanya. In Auckland and you know how I found your blog :)

    I love it - especially when you share recipes!

  3. Hey Cyndi! Mum and I love popping in on your blog. (I'm Ana Lucia from She drinks long blacks and I'm just being introduced to babycinos. Keep up the good work!!

  4. Pretty sure you know who I am : )
    I love getting an insight into your mind - and seeing what you had for dinner. I'm not usually one for making comments on blogs (long time listener, first time caller, lol) for fear of sticking my foot in it and saying something stoopid.

  5. LOL - It's me! I know about your blog cause you told me, haha :)

  6. Thank you all for commenting :)

    It's really great to know I am not boring the socks off of any poor person who wanders into my little bit of cyberspace.


    Maybe I should have a giveaway of my favourite coffee at some stage.... Catherine - I'll buy you a coke :)

    Hmmm, thinking cap on!


  7. Hey!

    I was just randomly browsing and found your blog... hope you don't mind.

    Im Naomi by the way


  8. I just found your blog through free-range kids!

  9. welcome Naomi and Artfullydodging.

    Yo Kate! Whaddup?

  10. Hello! I drop in from time to time via KMB.


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I try to reply to as many as I can either here or by email. <3 LJx