Friday 21 January 2011

A parcel arrived today... - Edited :D

A month or so ago, I nominated Sarah's blog in the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" competition over on Kiwi Mummy Blogs. I truly do love her blog. It was one of the first Kiwi blogs I started following...

But as fate would have it, there were prizes for nominators (who knew that was an actual word??) too. My name was drawn out a hat and I received these awesome gifts in the post today.

As my photography is dodgy at the best of times... I'll describe them too - a handmade tote bag, coin purse and a plastic bag holder, which, strangely, is an exact match for my orange wall in my kitchen!  Also note Monkey trying to tell me to take a photo of the pretty flowers.

The tote was made by the talented Miriam at Make It Give It and the coin purse and shopping bag holder were made by the very clever lady over at Vintage Mum, Modern Child.

So I would like to thank Miriam, Vintage Mum and Kiwi Mummy Blogs for making my day and making me super-special as I walked around town today with my gorgeous new bag.

**Edited due to my confusion as to who made which aspect of the parcel... Sorry if I caused anyone any hurt.**



  1. congratulations I especially like that bag :)

  2. No offence at all - read your comment this morning so I'm glad the colours go well with your decor. I thought bag bags were a bit 90s BUT I use mine all the time and I made it 10+ years ago when I was into zebra print!

    Congrats - love the bag too, Miriam has talent :D

  3. Not at all 90s :) I've wanted one for ages!

    I am so glad no one was offended or hurt :) I'd have felt terrible.


  4. Yay! I'm so glad you liked the bag - thanks for popping over for a visit too. I foten read your blog and am interestingly following your days of truth. Not sure if I have actually commented yet (my brain is mush!). Thanks for your lovely words.


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