Thursday 20 January 2011

ASB Garden Magic

As I am sure you realised I didn't blog yesterday. But never fear faithful followers, I am had a great reason to abandon you to an evening of surfing YouTube and dancing to Glee videos.... Oh wait that's what I do when I'm bored...

Last night we went to ASB Garden Magic. It is a series of free outdoor concerts in the Botanic Gardens in Wellington. It's magical. They light up the gardens like a magical fairy kingdom, including under the bridges to Monkey's delight.

100's of people start turning up after work with blankets and picnics From the simple subway or fish and chips (us) to the elaborate smoked salmon, French cheeses, baguettes, fancy schmancy salads and champagne.

Families with young kids, old couples, young professionals, penniless students, awestruck tourists and every other type of person you can think of, sit side by side. Oh and the dogs come too!

It is something we have done every year since moving to NZ. Except for the year I was prego with Monkey - I was too uncomfortable to sit for so long. We took Monkey at about nine months and again last year at about one year and nine months. This year was the most fun.

He people-watched.

"Why is that man wearing his glasses on his hat?"

He marvelled at the colours of the lights, the stage setup, the fragrance garden, the food, the fresh gelato, the other children.

He danced to the band. He waved at the people and counted all the bubbles from the bubble machines. He loved it. So did we!

He kept saying how awesome it was. He woke up this morning talking about it. (Do your kids wake up in mid sentence?? It's rather odd.)

I wish I had taken my camera... But we may get to another one before the season ends.... Maybe we'll see you there.

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