Thursday 8 September 2011

Random snippets from Sydney

  • The trains are double decker... Monkey thinks they are amazing!
  • The buggy/pram of choice seems to be Stokke. (!?!)
  • There is a section of Chatswood Chase mall dedicated to children's shops - which have play areas and a cafe and kid's hairdresser. I had to exercise great restraint not to buy all of the amazing bedroom decor that I have looked for everywhere in NZ but couldn't find.
  • Underwear is optional on windy days as long as you have a Brazilian. Honest to blog! We were walking around Darling Harbour on Sunday and a young woman was wearing something that looked like a chemise from Victoria's Secret. As she walked past the hemline lifted and showed the world (Darling Harbour) her Brazilian! 
  • The yoghurt tastes different :)
  • The restaurants are even more varied than the ones in Wellington. We should try a new cuisine every day to be able to experience them all.
At dinner at a restaurant at Darling Harbour.

So cute!

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