Wednesday 7 September 2011

Blogger Abroad - Introducing Chatswood.

We are living in the northern suburb, Chatswood. It's 15 minutes from the CBD. There are so many people compared to home it's been a bit of a culture shock. But here are a few facts for you... (I use the term fact lightly!)
  • It's a mix of high-rise apartment blocks, office blocks and gorgeous homes.
  • Chatswood has three malls.
  • Chatswood is home to a multicultural population but going by the restaurant choices closest to us – I'd guess that it's more Asian than any other culture.
  • Any type of Asian food is catered for – hot pot, Malaysian, Korean pancakes, dessert sushi, yum cha, BBQ, Peking ducks etc
  • There are many shops dedicated entirely to stilettos – I don't understand it.
  • The fresh food market is amazing and it's only a small one. So many choices of meat and fish. I am in love with it.

This is all I have been able to discover so far. We have been hanging out with in easy walking distance of the apartment as Monkey has been a bit horrid and has been waking up at about 5:30.

Luckily we are across the road from a really good coffee shop and they open at 6am! If you find yourself stuck for coffee give Three Beans - Coffee, Vanilla, Mung a go!

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  1. Oh yay, i grew up in St Ives, so Chatswood is my old shopping stomping ground. It has grown enormously since i was 'allowed' to catch the train there on weekends with friends. I still find it overwhelming when i go home to visit my parents, i park at Chatswood Chase, use the David Jones lift & then i know where i am when i surface into the chaos that is the huge array of shopping choices. We lived in Darwin for many years inbetween & i remember saying i'd meet my parents at Westfield, i had 4 children under 4.5 years & had to call my father twice to find him, there are soooo many levels to that shopping centre. FYI this Parents with Prams parking caper was not available when i had little ones, argh, love Posie


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