Thursday 8 September 2011

Chatswood Street Market

Mexican Garlic Prawns
Every Thursday and Friday there is a Street Market in Victoria Avenue, a pedestrian mall. There are food stalls from many countries, as well as organic fruit, bonsai sellers, Peruvian knitwear, singing bowls and sweets from around the world.
Roti Canai, Sambal and Curry.
We wandered around trying to decide what to eat. In the end it took us two circuits of the stalls to decide on Mexican Garlic Prawns for me and Roti Chanai with Sambal and Curry for Monkey... Sadly his sauces were too spicy for him to eat but they tasted really good on my bread roll. 
The prawns were simply delicious.

The highlight though was the popcorn stall. Monkey was enthralled by the "popcorn popper-man" who wore goggles and a mask to protect himself. We bought sweet-salty popcorn. It's not going to last until tomorrow!

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