Friday 9 September 2011

Blogger Abroad - Stumbling blocks....

The problem stumbling block difficulty with this move (albeit temporary) is that in the past all I've had to think of was myself and Stud1. We are both adults and are therefore more adaptable and able to make the most of a situation. Coffee shop and book - morning sorted.

This time round, I am in charge of Monkey's happiness and security too. It's daunting. Especially when I know he picks up on my emotions. I miss my friends and my home, he feels the same way and together we are Grumpy Guts and Son.

I have spent the last week trying to find a replacement for kindy. Kindy is huge in his life - I hadn't realised how important it was to him until we suddenly weren't able to go. I haven't found anywhere yet that can take him but I have been given some useful advice and information.

In case you are moving with pre-schoolers here are the pointers I have picked up this week.
  1. Facebook - most councils have a FB page and will answer questions about their city/area. The Willoughby council have been so helpful.
  2. Toyshops and bookstores - the people working at these places like kids and understand your concerns. Even if they don't have activities at their locations, they often know someone or of someone who does.
  3. Churches - All the churches in the area, apparently, run play groups. The hard part is finding out when.
  4. Community Centres - We dropped by the local one yesterday and were given lots of information of dance classes and language schools in the area. It also helps to know that if everything goes tits up, I can go back and they will help me.
  5. Concierge - at the hotel or at the malls - they have been helpful pointing out child friendly cafes and trying to explain the bus system to me...
  6. Google - comes last today, as I get very confused trying to work out which area is which, especially as we are completely reliant on public transport. It's going to get better and at the moment I think I need a smartphone to help me find my way around.
Wish me luck for next week as I try to sign him up for a dance/movement group so that he can make friends and find a play group at a local church.

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