Friday 26 August 2011

"It's OK" Thursday.

Its Ok ThursdaysI can't remember where I saw this last week and loved it. But a Google search got me to Brunch With Amber who seems to own it as she has the html code for the image :D I don't know if I'll do it every week or just every now and then.

It's ok....

To cyberstalk people you didn't like in high school to prove once and for all you actually kicked their ass in life!

To not care what you think about me admitting number one.

To sneak an extra coffee into the day.

To tickle your child until they cry with laughter.

To be amazed by your child.

To refuse to return to a fabulous restuarant because their coffee sucked.

To not want to get out of bed. As long as you do it anyway.

To fake it until you make it.

To not want to see a huntsman spider or a giant stick insect. I am buying bug spray as soon as I get off the plane.

To feel ridiculously proud that I haven't curled into foetal position yet having been given 4 weeks to move overseas and still have no idea where we will be sleeping next weekend.

To want to shake the powers-that-be into realising that my mental health and therefore Monkey's and Stud1's relies on me knowing where I am living.

To want to map out coffee shops in the neighbourhood we're living in.

To blush when finding out that Stud1 commented on my post from yesterday!

To, not, use commas,correctly and,, not care,.


  1. I am always paranoid about my comma usage! But whatever lol mmmm coffee it's my favorite! :) Happy Thursday.

  2. Comes from here originally:

    But I like them too. Haven't quite got around to doing my own one, though! ;)

  3. Lol, your use, of, commas makes you read, like, William, Shatner!

  4. An extra coffee in the day is definitely ok! ;) Thanks for linking up!! :)


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