Friday 26 August 2011

Five Friday Favourites at Five

A rather rushed one this week as I am so flustered I could lay an egg and not notice!

  1. Listening to my 85 year old neighbour talk to his puppy - baby talk and all! It's really sweet!
  2. Knowing that I will be able to keep sane using FB, G+ and this space while in Sydney. Thank you!
  3. Watching Monkey look after his "egg" which is in fact the balloon filled with water that he wanted for a water bomb... It looks too much like an egg so it's now ensconced in Stud1's shoe with a scarf to keep it warm.
  4. Having the local coffee shop owner tell Monkey he would be missed when he's in Sydney because he has a lovely smile and lovely manners.
  5. Uncle Rocket Scientist (my BIL) is coming to visit us in January... As in he's booking his ticket next week! I am so excited for Monkey to meet his free babysitter uncle!
Uncle Rocket Scientist :D


  1. What in the world is your brother in law doing?! Looks like something that would be done around here. lol


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