Thursday 19 May 2011

Apparently my brother in law reads my blog!

This morning (his night) as I was chatting to my brother in law (B-I-L) on Google Chat, he reminded me that I hadn't posted anything in twelve hours. Which made me panic for just a few moments about whether I had confessed any deep, dark secrets which were about to come back and bite me in the ass.

By my reckoning, he already knows most of the things that I have or may still share. (Bonus of getting married to his brother when B-I-L was only a teen!) I don't think I've admitted to my love of Vin Diesel or the fact that I would drop his brother like a hot potato if Vin Diesel arrived at my door with a bouquet, a box of chocs and of course the best god damn coffee in the world!

I'd like to think that he likes getting an insight into how my mind works. I am pretty sure though that he is using my blog as another form of procrastination at work. Uncle Rocket Scientist is currently bored. His space creation thingy is currently in space and he is looking for a new challenge.

I think he should move to be nearer to us. So if any one in New Zealand knows of any one needing an RF Engineer, give me a call. He is house trained and can cook, he is good at his job and can ride a bike. This is not the B-I-L who is a living statue, so no mime or much acting ability to add to the CV, however he can play the piano and is easy on the eye. So, he could either be the engineer someone is looking for OR I just wrote a pretty decent singles ad for him.

Monkey loves him. They have never met and their Skype chats are, sadly, scarce. But Monkey loves him! He sends him pretend messages, is on the toy phone to him many times a day, he asks if he can play with him, he pretends he is driving his cars with him, he asks if B-I-L has had breakfast, if he farts and so the list continues. 

In the long run, they will meet. B-I-L is not only my B-I-L, I count him as my friend and I hope he will take this as a cattle-prod to get his fat ass over here! I promise to buy him a coffee and make cinnamon buns!

My name is LatteJunkie and I love my B-I-L...

Oh look - I can copy it from FaceBook!
(and the other one and my brother - but as they don't read my blog....)


  1. Hmm - I can think of an ex-SA girl you could introduce him to. She is just lovely and although great with kids, has non of her own . . . yet. :)

  2. PS: - Cute Butt! (for a Rocket Scientist) LOL

  3. hehe - great post! and I know what you mean about the mental inventory when you find out family are reading your blog

  4. Uncle Rocket Scientist aka B-I-L19 May 2011 at 21:34

    LJ!!! Can't believe you sometimes, hehe :D And this picture of my ass? Of all the pictures on!

    Ok, in all honesty this was a lovely post, I feel honoured to have a feature dedicated almost completely to me :) And by the way, I definitely knew of your love for Vin ;)


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