Sunday 1 May 2011

Lyrical Sunday Week 17 - Romance

 It's Lyrical Sunday time and this week Sarah was inspired by the Royal Wedding and the romance that was in the air. Of course she then made life difficult by suggest we write sonnets... I have no idea how Mr Shakespeare wrote over a hundred of them but I could NOT get the iambic pentameter correct, I will have to try again soon.

Shall I admit.

Shall I admit to an undying love of romance?
Or run knowingly into the intoxication of lust?
A soft caress, a door held open, a garden bouquet, shivering at a mere glance.
An urge to covet, to desire, to not waste time building trust.

Talking by candlelight, living for stolen embraces, enjoying the moment,
Rushing headlong into the feeling, no holds barred
Boundaries firm, love exalted, musical thoughts, heart never silent.
Emotions aside, physically entwined, following a hedonist's path, innocence marred.

But, could I not have it all? Could I not have it both?
A wanton woman, confident in herself, her passion, her wiles,
A maiden fair, beloved, wooed, until to my love I am betroth.
Precocious in both heartfelt innocence and provocative smiles.

As a woman and lover,  a wife and mistress I am all you need.
Offer me both, chaste romance and impassioned provocation, if you wish succeed.


  1. Oh bravo!!!! I love this and the raunchy picture too! x The coffee you drank whilst writing must have been a good one ;)

  2. WOW! Can't believe you wrote this yourself!!
    Love the message in it, how we as woman need both the romance and the commitment.
    My answers are up by the way


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