Friday 29 April 2011

Five Friday Favourites at Five

  1. Peppermint Crisp Tart Although it is ridiculously expensive to make if you aren't in South Africa, it is so good!

  2. An awesome article about Vajayjays! Knowledge is power!!

  3. A guide I need to re-read daily for the next few weeks... The complete guide to not giving a FUCK!

  4. The power that anonymity gives and the catharsis it must bring to just write with no fear of fallout. I haven't submitted my article yet, but I will. Check out Anonymous Submissions @ 2 Much Testosterone

  5. And one or two from Monkey -
    "Mummy are you in the top 40 yet?" - referencing the Glee clip of Celo - Forget You
    "Wow, maybe I'll see a double rainbow... 'Cos that's awesome!" - Who knew they could reference pop culture at 3!!


  1. Oooh peppermint crisp tart! I only make it once a year on Jay's birthday and the rule is that he doesn't have to share it.

    Off to read #2 :)

  2. ha ha I love that clip! Gwyneth Paltrwo rocks it.
    And mmmm the tart looks amazing. Haven't had a Peppermint Crisp in so long. My favourite was always a Tempo

  3. So, I have the same guide saved on my iPhone to read later. The title alone is enough to make me write a post about it.

    Vajayjays, huh? Well, I have one of those, maybe I should click on your link....


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