Monday 6 December 2010

What stands between me and SMALL...

  1. I love food
  2. I comfort eat
  3. I loathe exercise
  4. I am a klutz 
  5. I am easily embarrassed
  6. I hate the way coffee tastes with low fat milk
  7. I can't give up food groups 
  8. I am afraid of failure
  9. I love baking and Monkey learns so much from the activity
  10. I have difficulty sticking with things that make me miserable! *edit - dieting more than exercise*
  11. Fear of not succeeding
  12. Fear of letting my family and myself down
  13. FEAR.


  1. I am sending you many kisses and hugs, enough to embarrass you easily :D

  2. You and me both, Girlfriend!!


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