Tuesday 7 December 2010

Is it a setback if you haven't even started?


Today was a little weird. I've only just set my mind to thinking about my small project. As in, yesterday was the first time I had even really thought it through and put it down in writing.

This morning I took a small bit of time to myself and had my eyebrows done (while Monkey played on the floor, so not quite by myself) in preparation for Stud1's work shindig. It was as nice as threading can be and I feel much less frumpy and housewifey. So I am enjoying the small things.

Now the setback - my desire to stuff my face with everything in sight was expected, disgusting, frightening! I was good and had one piece of sushi with Monkey when he was having his and a hot chocolate. It was frightening at the pull that every edible thing I saw had on me.

I am hoping that this isn't foreshadowing the year ahead.

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