Wednesday 8 December 2010

30 Days of Truth

On my 15 minutes (Read: hour at least - so many interesting blogs, so little time) blog trawl a few night's back I found this post. It's about the 30 Days of Truth. I think I will do some of them and post them here... Maybe we could do it together? Or should I edit it so that we do the best ones before the end of 2010?

Ah well, I'll start and we can see how far we get!

Day 1: Something you hate about yourself.

Wow where to start? Lol.

I think to be entirely honest, I could go on for years about body shape, metabolism, boobs, butt, chins (yes multiple) judgement, inadequacy etc

But the thing I hate about myself the most is this

I am unable to give myself credit for a job well done. If I do get close to complimenting myself, I panic and list a million things I suck at. Which is of course my way of sabotaging myself. I am a self saboteur....

Your turn, what do you hate about yourself?


  1. I too could list a few body parts...but I won't. And hate is a really strong word. And its hard to think of one MAIN thing.... I hate that when I get hurt by people, I can't get over it completely..there is always a little bit of me that gets upset and sad.

  2. I hate to get attached to material things very easily (crying over a cup that got broken - yeah that's all about me). And hate myself for being naive and trustful in relations with other people which often ends up with hard landing on my butt .

  3. Although this project is in the past for you it might be in my future :) *scribbling on my to do list*


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