Thursday 30 May 2013

What if Pt 2

What if
What if I let your voice die and only hear mine?
What if I let your vision of me fade to black? 
Allowing my technicolour to shine.
What I stop hearing whispers behind my back?
What if I believe what is being said to me not about me?
What if I choose to live as I wish without censure nor fear?
What if we were wrong? And I was right?
What if I learn to not care? To be free and to be me...?

Hey you!

You are not your width of arse, nor are you the alphabet of your breasts
You are not the size of your dick, your abs nor your pecs
You are not the colour of your skin, hair or eyes.
You are not your number of years or wrinkles or kilograms.

You are the sound of your voice.
You are the ripple effect of your actions.
You are the complexities and intricacies of your thoughts.
You are the warmth of your embraces and your laughs.
You are the way you make others feel.
You are the light in your eyes.


  1. I hope you will consider entering the poetry competition here - - what an amazing piece of writing!

  2. love these :)

    I had a wise pastor in a church once tell me we cant tell what people are thinking about us

    Be free, be you <3

  3. Love these both!

  4. These posts are brilliant! I love the way you write...


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