Thursday 30 May 2013

What if... Pt1

Today I had coffee with one of the few people in this world who know me. The real me. The sociable, loud, self absorbed, kooky, empathetic, weird, verbal-vomitter who talks about random things, laughs out loud, goes on epic tangents and isn't afraid to discuss any topic. We discussed public and self perception, religion, weight, society, our core values, poetry, our ultimate accomplishments and public speaking. As is usual, our discussions got me thinking and pondering things that I've heard and read over the last few weeks...

Which lead me to this...

What if I stopped worrying about whether people notice the size of my bum, hips, boobs? Or count my chins when I smile?  What if I accept that what people do notice is my smile, my kindness, my generosity? That I have the ability to brighten their day by laughing or noticing something cool/good/pretty/unique about them and telling them that I notice them.

What if I stop worrying about what people think of me when I speak my mind - all the weirdly visual language and poetic stuff that I usually filter? What if I just say it? So what if people think I'm odd? I'd rather be odd than exactly like everyone else!

What if I stop worrying about fitting into the mould of the "normal woman" and realise that any one who loves me "despite" my weight isn't worth loving back. Whether that love is platonic or romantic - I am more than my body. As is a slight person or someone with a disability... We are not our bodies - we are our souls and our hearts.

What if I stop worrying about change? What if I take it on as a challenge to grow to be more than I am now, more than I was seven months ago? A challenge to become myself. Truly myself? The person some people can already see and know and love?


  1. This is exactly the sort of thing I think about. It's hard not to worry what other people think but in the end you have to do what makes you happy! Id rather filter out people who don't 'get' me than the thoughts in my head! Be true to yourself and let us know how you get on!

  2. Cyndi I believe the true beauty of a person is shown through their personality
    as I only ever met you once and consider you a beautiful person
    i believe it is because I have gotten to know you through your inner beauty
    through your words that come from within on to the screen
    dont worry what others think
    be your loving kind caring self

    also and youve probably heard this from me before - its my favourite saying after all :)
    being normal is highly over rated
    embrace what makes you you
    your a wonderful person

    Jen xoxox

  3. What lovely words. Something I think we have all pondered on in our time. As I have gotten older I think self-acceptance has become slightly easier - although I'm still very far from that Holy Grail! Your blog looks lovely and I'll be popping back. Found you at #Prose4T xx

  4. This is a rally cry of truth! Yes What if indeed! Life is so short and precious, we should worry less and love more.

  5. 'We are our souls and hearts' - gosh that's beautiful and so very true x

  6. All of these what ifs ring so very true with me. Although as I've gotten older I have far fewer what ifs and a lot more so what's! Not in a mean spirited way of course! Thank you for linking up again :) x


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