Friday 31 May 2013

#30DayChallenge Complete!

Thanks to Michael's challenge to himself, I have written thirty two posts this month, not including this one. So 33 posts in 31 days! I am loving that I am back to writing properly again. Some of the posts have sucked and others haven't but I've written something. I've made time. I've found that I do have the time to write.

Today I thought I should write something meaningful. Something worth writing. Not sure if I'll accomplish that. These poems/snippets are follow-ons from things I've seen or heard or thought this week.

The sum of us.

You are your choices.
I am mine.
We are the sum of the two.

If mine are less than yours, you win.
If mine are more than yours, I win.
But neither is more or less.
They are equal, even, important
but from weighted differently from either side of the argument.

There is no solution to the sum of us
we add, subtract and divide our choices
multiplying our love or insecurities.

Hidden from view
 eyes down,
ears shut
voice stifled
she waited
to be told
what to be
what to think
what to say
hidden from the view 
of herself and others
she waited
to be heard
to be seen
to be missed.

Consolation and hope can be found in the company of friends and caffeine.


  1. You're welcome! It's been great having a fellow writing buddy and not having to do it all on my lonesome.

    Also gots to love your laser beam eyes!

  2. love your words :)
    and WTG for completing the challenge :)


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