Sunday 24 March 2013

Lyrical Sunday - Men

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I've spent the last week thinking about how best to approach my brilliant prompt - Men. It seemed easy at the time of setting it. But now? Now, I'm torn between writing about love, about my son, about the definition of masculinity, and the ingrained stereotypes.

There has been an idea in my head about how to write about the clich├ęd velvet gloved steel. The obvious juxtaposition of inherent tenderness and potential violence. I haven't been able to express it properly yet... but I hope I will.

As I sat writing this morning, it hit me... I could try to write it all. And, so, I did. I wrote about Monkey,  about men and about society. 

For My Son:
When I look at you, I see the future. I see the kind, laughing eyes that can flash anger as swiftly as they can melt my heart. I see the strong capable hands that can as easily break as they can create. I see the courage and bravery to learn and discover your place in the world. I see the leader you will be. I see the person others will happily follow as you treat them with respect and kindness. I see the tug of war between your desire to flaunt the law and the need to toe the line. I see the chance that the world will be a better place. I see hope. I see love. I see choice. I see in your eyes a boy who will become a man to be proud of. A man I will be proud to call my son. A man that someone will be lucky to call friend, partner or father.
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Vulnerable and open 
Mercurial emotions brought to the surface 
trailing under your fingertips
Platonic seduction, seductive friendship
soothing, arousing, naivete and passion
Within a man’s hands lie the promises of the ages

Thoughts on "Rape Culture"
Defining all by the actions of a few is easily the most destructive human trait. Allow those that you know to define themselves, encourage the growth of a positive definition. Uproot them from the toxic environments and prune them - knock them back so to speak. Encourage the growth of the good - the strengths of character that will counter the culture of arrogant unaccountability. 

Social accountability is the new peer pressure. By bringing the actions of a few to the public’s attention, may their actions be damned, condemned and may positive action grow from there.

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