Monday 12 November 2012

Random Realisations

  1. Once I decide I'd like to be your friend, you're my friend.  Like it or not.
  2. I trust people. I trust in people. There is a difference between the two.
  3. I can breathe through the pain.
  4. I am probably the most annoying big sister in the world ever. But not to my actual brother.
  5. I am an oversharer. I'm not particularly fussed by that.
  6. I love people I've never met.
  7. I'm friends with people I wouldn't recognise on the street.
  8. I don't recognise some people I've known for years.
  9. I overthink things to the point of anxiety attacks.
  10. I can have an anxiety attack anywhere. But unless you really know me... you will never know.
  11. I can ask for help.

1 comment:

  1. My random realisation for the day was that I was't actually following your blog! How silly! I am now xo


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