Saturday 10 November 2012

Thank you for today.


Today has been weird for me. Good weird. Things have become clearer. I'm seeing things differently. I was in a situation that stretched my comfort zone. And I survived. I made it through. I may have spoken too much but have probably hopefully made a new friend. And as we all know - friends are good! They keep me sane and that's a service to humanity right there.


I was asked what I want from the future. As everything has changed recently, it literally made me stop and think. I sipped my coffee, looked at the sea and answered honestly.

"I don't know anymore."

But a few steps further along the beach I realised that I do know.

  • I want to be an author and a poet. I want to write words that linger with people. I want to paint an image using my words that they want to revisit.
  • I want to work in the community. I want to help people reach their potential, to find hope, to see a brighter future. 
  • I want to be more me. I want to know who I am again or who I was supposed to be. And when I work that out I will share my secret. 
  • I want to be happy within myself.


  1. Well said x strong words and have faith in yourself - you will get there x

  2. Believing is a good step
    Friends are awesome
    Keep on keeping on xxxx

  3. And you can achieve all of the above my friend. I know you can, and you will. xoxo

  4. Sounds like a good plan! We're all here for you LJ. :)

  5. I've been a bad blogger, but looking back on your posts...I am worried for you. Wishing you peace from the bottom of my heart.


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