Saturday 28 July 2012

Lyrical Sunday Prompt and Showcase.

A little late, I've been a teeny bit busy with LoveBombs, poetry readings and mental health days with Monkey.

A huge welcome to Katrina who joined us for the first time, If you missed her offering please head over and leave her a comment!

Thank you also to Sarah for sharing her insight into what is a very turbulent time in her life - good turbulence but still bumpy!

This week's theme has been very much influenced by this morning's opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. I was blown away by the opening ceremony and want to use that as a starting point for a poem.

If you haven't seen it - please join in with your lyrical creations on OLYMPICS.


  1. Oh yes! I have to write a poem to honour this monumental event in history - what an incredible opening ceremony! I'll put my thinking cap on x

  2. A poem - (and Sophie spent an hour writing too - till 10pm!!). x Thanks for the motivation and inspiration x

  3. A poem :) -


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