Wednesday 28 March 2012

Things that make me go hmmmmmmm.

SmartBear has just posted a tongue-in-cheek-serious post about things that make her go hmmmm? I naively thought it would be an easy blog post on this, the day that needs a sugar coma to improve it...

* Parents who complain about their children's behaviour but never model appropriate behaviour or allow the children to be in the environment they need to be in to learn appropriate behaviour. e.g cafes, restaurants.

* People who glare when you smile at their cute babies. I often want to say "It's ok, I know how much crap can come out of one of those now... I don't want to steal it. Rather I'd like to look at it in the way I would a Ferrari or a Ming Vase."

* Girls who want to dress like they're on Jersey Shore or any of those similar programmes and the parents who let them. - Don't you care if your ten year old looks like a twenty-something slapper?

* Tooth Bling - I don't get it, I don't think it's attractive and goodness knows I wouldn't want to risk kissing someone with it....

* Nail Rings - they're pretty but how many would I lose? How much less would I get done? I can barely function with nail polish on let alone pretty shiny rings...

* Willy Warmers. 'nuff said :)
Source: via Marisa on Pinterest


  1. I agree on all your points. The tooth bling?!? Why? It just looks like you got a piece of food stuck there. I haven't seen a nail ring like that, but I have seen someone put a hole through a manicured nail and put a ring through it (like an ear ring). It just thought that was weird. I'm just a simple girl...

  2. What makes me go hmmmmmmmm is when people here complain how tough they have it, they are on a benefit and yet they insist on drinking their booze every single day. It also makes me go hmmmmmmmm when parents absolutely have no discipline and then complain in the end why they have it so hard.


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