Sunday 25 March 2012

Lyrical Sunday - Tense


It crept up on us
Surreptitiously, well camouflaged
It crept up on us,
Dust-covered history,
Fraught with suppressed emotions,
Crept up on us.

Fists clenched, teeth grinding,
We stood, braced,
Teeth grinding, fists clenched
It sucker-punched us
Snapping us back
Into a time, long gone.

It crept up on us,
It hit us where it hurt
It crept up on us,
Leaving us taut,
Wishing it in the past,
Leaving us tense.


  1. I enjoyed reading this. It is full of suspense and drama. It put my senses on full alert. I felt on edge. I like that you don't describe what 'it' is - so that it could be so many things to individual readers - though of course to you 'it' is something very real and difficult. I like your use of 'taut' and also 'past' - combining two different definitions of 'tense'. Brilliant. I have yet to write one - but hopefully will find some time early in the week x Hope you have a good week and everyone feels better soon x

  2. You are so good at writing poetry. I struggle with some of your themes to come up with something to go with it.


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