Friday 30 March 2012

Five Friday Favourites at Five

Another week, another five...
  1. Impromptu desserts - this week I made this caramel sauce to go over chocolate bran muffins.
  2. Visiting the Hutt Night Market last night. A really great night out for something to eat, drink and purchase.
  3. Last week I watched Hunger Games. The best part is that I am still reliving the movie in my quiet moments. It makes it one of my favourites of the week. Also I know I haven't reviewed it, I find it hard to review movies as they are so subjective.
  4. Captain Awesome's makeover of the hallway. It was a pale beigey colour wall paper and now it's a beautiful white and it looks HUMUNGOUS!
  5. An image that has stuck in my head and made me giggle during the rough bits this week.

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