Sunday 15 January 2012

In case of emergency - re-read...

For you, for when you forget.

Remember to think before you speak.
To reassess before you assume.
Remember to laugh out loud often.
To cry when you need to. It clears the soul

Remember that you are more than others see.
See yourself through your own eyes, not the blinkers of others
Remember that you are stronger than even you know
And you will never be as weak as you think you are.

Remember you are braver than you thought you could be.
You can write. You can write beauty and pain. Truth and lies.
Remember you prefer music that has a message or a story.
Play it loud. Listen to the words, let them lead you.

Remember to walk in the rain and take the time to enjoy it,
Watch the sunrise and set, feel the warmth.
Remember that the wind can bring out the worst in you
But it can also blow all the cobwebs away.

Remember that you feel more than you may admit, others forget that.
It is part of what makes you beautiful.
Remember that you listen with your heart first, logic comes second
Things will stick with you, let them go, be free

Remember that this is it. There is no tomorrow guaranteed.
You don't need sugar in that.
Remember you are one of the smartest people you know, and then some.
Don't forget that when faced with doubts and judgements.

Remember that coffee and a chat can fix most things.
If not a walk on the beach will.
Remember you do like walking, once you get out the door.
Try and do it more often, but on your terms.

Remember to learn something new daily, 
Read more, watch less, unless it's people watching.
Remember to live with the positives,
Yesterday can't bother you if you don't look back.

Remember to love, look for the light
and find a new path if the one you're on gets blocked.
Remember you are loved and supported.

© Lattejunkie 2012 

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  1. This is a beautiful and honest piece of writing. It made me want to print it off and pop it on m wall. I know too often people can write superficial things to please readers but this was a magical note-to-self - beautiful.


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