Wednesday 21 December 2011

Next December...

I will be watching this. I will also be at the red carpet (hopefully)...


  1. Hi, I came to your blog via Lea's and you are soooo on my wavelength with this trailer :) cannot wait until the end of next year!!


  2. and :) to the red carpet, at it or on it ?? :) Hi by the way!!

    Whereabouts in NZ are you? I'm in the Wellington area...almost, Kapiti!!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Welcome! Hope you like what you find in my little neck of the blogosphere :D

    I hope to be at it, not sure if I can get *on* it... Maybe if I win a prize lol!!

    I'm in the Hutt Valley!

  4. Hi :)

    We originally moved to the Hutt, Trentham when we first emigrated from the UK! I do like what I've found, and I will be back, I should perhaps start my own blog at some point, I keep thinking about it...

    If you win a prize?! I hope you do! Otherwise, I'll meet you at the carpet!!


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