Monday 19 December 2011

What Sydney has taught me.

Or reminded me....

  1. I make pretty decent lemonade.
  2. I like warm weather.
  3. I like the sea being warm enough to swim in.
  4. I love Jacaranda trees.
  5. I like choice - I like to think I can buy x,y,z at whichever posh shop I see it at, even though I will just buy it at Kmart or Target.
  6. I like Target.
  7. I miss being able to shop at Aldi.
  8. I am approachable and friendly.
  9. I can chat to almost anyone. Inability to speak Asian languages was a bit of a hindrance... (I didn't meet ONE Australian Australian)
  10. I miss having my friends nearby - FB just isn't the same.
  11. I HAVE to learn more about Asian countries. 
  12. I must find out which is the "bad" Korea.  Read on a website today that it was North Korea that was the "bad" one.
  13. I need to learn how to greet and thank people in Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Cantonese at the very minimum.
  14. I like colourful clothes.
  15. I need a pair of knee length boots before winter.
  16. I am pretty damn resilient.
  17. I love my son, but he needs to go to kindy.
  18. I want to learn to cook more Asian meals.
  19. Little kids grow so much in three months.
  20. I like Japanese $2 shops.
  21. I am too chicken to try bubble tea or red bean pudding. But I will try most other things.
  22. I could live in an apartment again.
  23. Part of me wishes I still lived in a country where housekeepers were the norm.
  24. I like markets of all descriptions.
  25. I live in a village. It didn't seem small before we left but now it's tiny.
  26. You can have been out of Uni for 10 years and when you catch up with Uni friends, you will revert back to the same roles and mischief.
  27. My home suburb is beautiful! So green and quiet and rural.
  28. I can travel on my own with Monkey.
  29. Sydney airport caters well for little kids.
  30. My kitchen needs a remodel... it's just so impractical :/
  31. I want to travel more!

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