Sunday 6 November 2011

Inspiration Weekly - Life...

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A piece of cake to write about. Until I tried to think it through. To decide what to say about life. To decide what is essential to say and what is worth leaving out.

About the fleetingness of the seemingly eternal gift. The fact that it has an expiry date. We have an expiry date. That I know this and still, I dwell on the could-have-should-have-might-have-beens.

Trying to step away from the cliches and think of a unique voice for my poem, something that hasn't been said before... Because, surely, I am capable of a unique take on life, it's not like people have been waxing lyrical about life for eons... Oh wait... yes... they have... I'll just add my voice to the chorus. 

Life is...

it is said,
Is for the living,
- a journey not a destination
It is the sum of all, the experiences;
the sunrises, the sunsets and rain
It is the journeys by foot, 
by mind, by book or  by plane.
It is the paths taken, the bridges burnt, the lines drawn in sand
It is felt in tears and laughter of joy, fear, sadness and pain,

It is said,
Is yours for the taking,
-  yours to do with what you will,
It is the difference between us,
It is the poverty, the war and the strife,
the crap shoot of being born on the wrong side of the line
which border you cross, who wields the bigger knife
the sadness which encompasses all who view it from the greener-grass
those who can see a corruption that is rife.

It is said,
is yours for the making,
It is the product of us
the malleable putty of life,
the choices within, moulding the external
taking and growing with the experiences, lessons
learnt while enjoying the ride
Following the road, accepting the detours
burning the map and forgoing pride.

It is said,
Is wasted on the young.
Given to those who would waste it
It is the quotient between us
The divisible mantras, doctrines
The fears, the biases, the segregation
an over-reaching sentiment of superiority
the deposition of life , the loss of a nation
Life is the sighing, the lost, the losing
and in the victor, a morbid fascination.
Latte Junkie© 2011 


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am at a loss for words.

  2. I like the poem. Accepting the detours speaks to me. At school we call it a teaching moment where planning diverts due to important discussions being initiated that might be unrelated to what was scheduled. In life there are always surprises and that makes living all the more meaningful.

  3. What a great poem! You've summed it up so nicely!

  4. Amazing, you've captured so many of my thoughts that I just didn't know how to express. I often read your poetry and don't know what to say, only, I love it and your words really speak to me. I love the words you've chosen, the way they flow and what they express.

  5. An inspirational read. The words so melodic, the phrases so profound. The last two sentences - resonating.



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