Monday 7 November 2011

JBE Monday - The thing I do not regret

This week Just Be Enough is asking is to acknowledge the things we do not regret doing.

Like most of us, I have many regrets... a certain haircut, a certain outfit, a certain one-night stand, a certain something I said, did, ate, saw, read, wrote etc...

The one thing, however, I will never regret, is marrying Stud1.

We have been married almost ten years. We have known each other since we were twelve so, all in all, you have been in my life for twenty one years. 
We got married young, too young... Looking back at the photos I wonder what we thought we were doing... Kids playing grown ups...
I don't regret it but I would find it hard to stomach if Monkey wanted to do the same. Luckily though, it didn't hold us back from travelling and seeing a bit of the world. We knew we weren't ready to be settled-with-kids-settled so we just lived. 
Enjoyed our time together in new places and learnt to grow together. All based on a life lived with my best friend. 
It hasn't been all roses. They have smelled pretty shitty sometimes and probably will again.
 It has been a life time of experiences thrown into ten years together. We have been through many things that could have broken our friendship, destroyed our marriage but they haven't. They won't.
No matter what comes in the next ten years... I will never regret marrying you.
Because the experience has been enough.


  1. A lovely tribute to your husband. Great that you got to travel together. Well done getting through the shitty times as we all have them. Helps you appreciate the roses even more.

  2. How lucky to have found each other so early on.

  3. What a lovely tribute! Sometimes, being with the right person makes all those other regrets a little easier to deal with :)

    Thanks for linking up with JBE.

  4. So beautiful and it.

  5. Aww very beautifully written. It oozes with love for your husband. :) Thanks for sharing!


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