Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Monkey's first pick up line...

There are days* where I look at him and can see him in twelve years time... Sliding onto a seat on the train next to the pretty blonde girl. Flashing his gorgeous smile and chatting about nothing. Saying something funny to make her laugh and feel comfortable.

Touching her arm to get her attention. Nothing overtly forward. Just friendly.

Talking about travelling, asking her questions about herself. Talking about gardens. Dropping into the conversation that he lives in a hotel... back to plants... and then...

"Seeds need help to grow, would you like to come to my hotel room and help me, help them grow?"

Nothing if not smooth, that's my boy...

*this happened on the train today. I have never been more proud surprised in my life!

The other highlight of the day was after hearing an old man blow his nose, loudly, he legged it down the path, screaming "Argh it's a dinosaur!"



  1. Sounds like a real lady's man! He'll go far!

  2. That is hilarious! What a great pick up line. The boy is on to something. ;)

  3. Beautiful post!

  4. So cute! He is a real charmer!


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