Monday 28 November 2011

An Award.

This weekend Lea and Paul both nominated me for the "Tell me about yourself" Award. Which made me all happy and giggly, and then confused as surely I have already shared everything there is too know about me. Then I remembered that I am more than a few posts on a blog. I have many things left to share.

To accept my award I have to tell you SEVEN things about myself and then nominate FIFTEEN (unlikely to happen) bloggers...

Here goes:
  1. I once got stuck on top of a pig sty wall in my special birthday dress.
  2. I cannot follow a recipe to the letter, I have to add flair!
  3. I have never been arrested. 
  4. My ideal holiday would be a cruise to Alaska. Or a trip through Vietnam. I can't decide which is the one I would choose if I had to make the choice. 
  5. I hate shoe shopping.
  6. I am pro-choice. 
  7. I love looking at crafty things and patterns etc but I can't make them to save my life.

Finding my happy ever after

If I have left you off the list and you want to join in please do and leave a comment so I can visit and learn even more about you!


  1. I've also never been arrested :-). How old were you when you got stuck on the pig sty wall???

  2. I love learning new things about you. Great list.

  3. Great list girl! I won't even be sad that you didn't pick me....though you know I love to go on about myself. LOL!
    I DO need to hear about the pig sty though.

  4. oh boy, fifteen?!? I don't even know 5.

    I like your list and can identify with namer 2 and 5 (but for me it's ALL shopping - unless there is nobody else around then I'll be happy to shop).

    A clarification with number 1 - is birthday dress the feminine version of birthday suit?



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