Thursday 4 August 2011

In whose life would you prefer to be?

Today I have been thinking that if I could spend a day (or more) with fictional people, who would I spend my days with. I know I am supposed to be "in the moment" "living the now" but sometimes it's honestly not all that fun.

My obvious first choice would be to hangout with Lorelei and Suki in Star's Hollow. I'd pop into the inn for some coffee and a chat. Then we'd swan off and buy something ridiculously overpriced at Kims Antiques, stop by Miss Patty's and have a risqué conversation, and then finally we'd crash into Lukes and annoy the hell out him in a truly sexy-flirty way.
The next time I needed a break I would become friends with Penny and hangout with the nerds. I'd sit in Sheldon's seat just to get a debate started. Penny and I would encourage Rajesh to leave the confines of his closet and just admit that he's gay!

Or I would become a neighbour in Cougar Town – but I'd be the weird one who doesn't drink. Actually it wouldn't be fun at all as I would probably have to babysit Stan (the baby).

But ultimately I would like to spend time in NY with the Rent guys. It's not a lifestyle I have ever thought of choosing but I would love to be able to say “Fuck the man! I am a writer.” Instead of doing it part-time and not quite believing that it is a possibility. Of course being able to sing like (apparently) all starving artists would be a huge bonus. But the freedom is alluring and I have very little idea of how to achieve it...

Who would you like to be when your life gets too much or too mundane?


  1. I'd love love love to be part of the Stars Hollow life :-). It is one of my all time favourite shows and I have watched every episode of all 7 seasons several times to date.

  2. Ooooo, this is a goodie! Would you mind if I answered by way of a post linking back to your blog? I could do with a good daydream to break up the constant fulfilling of little people's dreams in my life!

  3. I have to go with Imelda Marcos! All those shoes ...! I love shoes! lol
    When I went to Hawaii (a thousand years ago) I saw the house she lived in before she was extradited home. Amazing place,out on a point, on the water!


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