Friday 5 August 2011

Five Friday Favourites at Five - International Breastfeeding Week Edition

That I learnt how to do this:

(.)(.)ies Rock!

My favourite video on BFing (with an American slant)

My Favourite Shop for all things relating to babies -  Breastmates
All ways of feeding are addressed with gorgeous lingerie, clothing and an amazing amount of information for one little site. Another call to fame is that all goodies are availabe for SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY :D
This local group WhareKai Pepe is supported by a good friend and that's her little man in the picture! 

That I persevered and made it to 22 months with Monkey.

That Monkey still says to little babies - "You drink all your Mummy-Milk it'll make you big and strong like me."

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  1. Neat site. I have a lot of friends that breastfeed and I am going to send them over there.


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