Sunday 7 August 2011

Lyrical Sunday Wk 26 - Adventure

This week Charlotte chose "Adventure" for the theme of Lyrical Sunday. Click here to be taken to her great post intended to inspire.
The second poem is an experiment - please let me know what you think of it.

For you, K.
A simple step into the world was all it took,
a grand adventure, words taken from a book,
used many times, by you, Daddy and me
to describe our trips to shops or the sea.
It used to be enough to see something new
taste a food unknown, admire a familiar view.
But now our grand adventures have taken on a new life
as you battle pirates, sail the seven seas and talk of taking a wife.
Climbing the highest mountain, crossing a rapid river
walking from the house to the letter box causes a shiver
of excitement, new courage and another story to tell.
If I had your imagination, who knows how many books I'd sell.
©LJ 2011

once, it was all down to choice
turn of a page, picking a or b,
don't like the ending? turn back the page
try again, try again,
die? lose? lost? beaten in love or the game?
turn the page back, try again
try again
life, life
safe in the pages
secure in the fiction
practising life choices, 
choice but without real consequence.

now, grown up, it's a choice
with the turn of days and years
live with the adult decision
no turning back without rewriting history
history is indelible, it was and still is.
choices cannot be undone
like before
no "try again"
but, rather, learn before trying again
as now, the adventure chooses you.
with real consequence.
©LJ 2011

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  1. The first is a gorgeous, touching tribute to your much loved son. The second I enjoyed immensely too - I used to read those kind of books when I was a girl! I felt the heavy weight of adulthood responsibility in the second and nodded along with agreement, whilst admiring the rhythm and clever composition of your poem.


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