Friday 19 August 2011

Five Friday Favourites At Five

Monkey's independent writing at Kindy - Big M, u on the left and little m on the right. 

Without the help of the Google Gods I would be even more stressed about the Blogger Abroad saga :)

A blog post that reminded me to watch Dawson's again and uses the phrase "make my batshit Southern Baptist relatives want to throw holy water on me" 
Thank you for always making me laugh Allie!

Kate W-A for sewing my laptop bag as I have run out of time and patience to do it before we leave! MWAH!!!

 Allie's post reminded me of this song. Listening to it brings back so many memories from ResRat days... The kicking the guys out early on a Sunday evening so that we could watch Dawson's and Friends in our PJS with all the other girls in our residence.  All the moaning about Pasty and Dweeb when the guys did stay to watch. And of course the hope that for us Dawson and Joey would make it work....

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