Thursday 18 August 2011

Blogger Abroad - Update

My mind is everywhere and anywhere at the moment. I promise things will calm down and my blogging will be stellar again soon.

We leave for Sydney on the 3rd September. Stud1 heads over on Monday, coming so it's a little bit hyper here.

Thus far I have sorted out our house sitter, the house and car insurance, booked Monkey out of his stunning new kindy until next academic year, started scouring the web for a cleaner and garden service. 
I am also trying to touch base with people in Sydney, just so that I have some contacts there. I have trawled through a bazillion sites about living in Sydney and am still stumped about a lot of things.

As for packing I am not sure what to pack, how much to pack, which toys to pack etc etc. I feel a bit better as I hauled Monkey's shorts and Ts out of the drawer and dumped them in a suitcase. That's packing right?

In other news, Monkey wrote Mum at kindy today, without any help! Photo to follow - it's too cold to run and get my camera out the car.


  1. This IS VERY exciting! Enjoy the moment, those months will seriously flash by.

    And hey, you can always buy some new toys and tshirts over there if you need to. No biggie right?

  2. Yay, Sydney is my home town, i lived there until i married a soldier & ran off to the Northern Territory in the late 90s, then came back with 4 children for a while like 6-9 years ago, happy to answer your questions & offer some child friendly tips. We live in Canberra now (300km south) but visit Sydney often, it's a great city to check out. Happy travels, love Posie


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